Slugging K-Beauty Trend You Should Be Trying

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The flawless, dewy, glass-like skin that the Koreans flaunt reflects the amount of effort that goes into maintaining such skin. 

Slugging is the new Korean beauty trend that skincare lovers are gravitating towards for that flawless glass skin effect. 

This trend is perfect for those with dry skin and who are battling hydration and moisture issues

What Is Slugging?

The process involves applying a layer of petroleum Jelly to the face as the final stage of your 10-Step overnight skincare routine to prevent dehydration and moisturize the skin. The thick, slimy texture is reminiscent of slug mucus, hence the name Slugging. The jelly balm creates a slimy film over your pores so you look dewy and almost slippery—you know, like a slug. 

How Does Slugging Help?

The main purpose of slugging is to lock in hydration & keep the skin moisturize. The jelly lies on top of the skin to insulate and keep it from losing moisture. The process is well effective during the harsh winter months, when your skin might feel tight and dry.

Petroleum jelly prevents transepidermal water loss and creates a barrier to prevent water from leaving the skin. As we age, our skin holds less water, so when you bind water in the skin, it creates a hydrated sheen giving that glass skin effect. Slugging has also shown results in managing eczema and other dry skin conditions on both face and body.

Slugging No Go

Those who are prone to acne breakouts, should avoid slugging as the seal of excessive sebum and oil might further flare up acne.

Slugging can potentially trap oils and clog the skin's pores and especially irritate acne-prone skin, contributing to breakouts.

Do not slug during the day. Using occlusive agents for long hours can mess with your skin’s natural inter-cellular lipid production process hence apply only at night.

Slugging Steps

Load on your occlusive, or the petroleum jelly: Vaseline, CeraVe, Aquaphor or another brand. (While you'll see TikTokers using a full handful for dramatic effect, you can use as little as a pea-size amount to see benefits.). 

For the actual "slugging" bit, Yoon suggests melting your occlusive of choice into your hands, then slowly roll your palms into your face to press it into your skin. Be sure to let the formula set for a few minutes before hopping into bed, lest you make a mess of your pillowcase.

Maintain Consistency

In order to notice results, you need to slug consistently for four to six weeks. Slugging cannot repair your skin or your skin's appearance overnight.  


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