Korean Makeup Steps For Beginners

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Luxiface will help you to achieve perfect Korean Makeup Look with below easy tutorial

Korean Makeup steps apply moisturizer step Luxiface

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1. Prepare your skin by Moisturizing it

Moisturizing your face helps to protect the skin's barrier from irritation. It also helps to reduce the development of dryness, or helps you to revive your skin from dryness. Hence it is important to keep your skin moisturize in the day and night. You can use use Mist or mask to keep the skin hydrated. 

Korean Skincare apply sunscreen step Luxiface

2. Apply Sunscreen

This is very crucial step as Sun can damage your skin easily. It is always advisable to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Koreans always use face sunscreen to protect the face skin and their makeup regime always include step for Suncare.

Korean Skincare and makeup steps apply cushion step - Luxiface


3. Apply Cushion compacts or BB Cream

 Cushion compacts are more popular in Korean makeup than BB cream. Always use the patting motion to apply cushion it will prevent streaking and gives a dewy look. If Liquid foundation is preferred by you then always select hydrating formula. Apply  light layer of foundation to cover your entire face with a thin layer and then focus on areas that requires more application.

Korean makeup apply concealer step Luxiface


4. Apply Concealer

Though it is not mandatory step but if you have blemishes then concealer application is must. It can also hide dark eye circles, acne scars and even redness of skin. If you want to make your cheekbones and nose more prominent then use your concealer as a highlighter always opt for a concealer that is one shade lighter and apply it same like highlighter.


Korean Makeup steps apply eye palette step Luxiface


5. Eye Makeup

Eye makeup takes prominence in all makeup steps in Korea as Korean always want their eyes to be the main Point on their Face. 

Korean makeup steps eye Brows step Luxiface


6. Brows

Brows always face huge role in shaping your face. Korean prefer straight brows with a slight arc at the end. Now a days though Korean female celebrities opt for more natural arch that frames their face.


Korean Skin care and Makup steps apply Blush step Luxiface


7. Blush

 After the base makeup is done add some healthy glow to you face with the help of powder, cream or liquid blushers. Try to use powder blushers as they are easier to blend with base makeup. Apply from high points of your cheeks towards temples and blend the same to look as if the glow is coming naturally from within.



Korean skincare and makeup lipcare step Luxiface


8. Lips

Korean women started gradient lip makeup trend which quickly spread across the world. It makes your lips look fuller and also makes them look tantalizingly just-bitten. The gradient look is achieved by applying darker shade on the inner lips, and then use a lip brush, cotton bud or finger to blend it outwards and create a gradient effect. You can use lip gloss on top of your gradient lips to give your lips a Juicy and succulent look.


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