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    Age-free Wellness Skin & Body Care

    Just as caring for our skin is important so too is for our body and mind. With the vitality of the lotus, we focus on creating balanced skin care to purify and revitalize our lifestyle.


    Age-free Wellness Skin & Body Care
    At BOUTIJOUR, we deliver skin & body care productsof the finest quality. We pursue finding a balance for our skin, body and mind amid the constantly changing modern-day lifestyle to provide wellness and vitalizing journey. We only use ingredients with proven efficacy and safety sourced from nature-plants, flowers, herbs-to offer natural formulations suitable to all skin types.

    Wellness & Balance in Life
    We value pursuing wellness. Finding a harmonious balance physically, mentally and socially in our daily lifestyle.

    Our Products

    Sensual Therapy

    Our products contain natural essential oils. An aromatic harmony of flowers, herbs, fruits and nature offer a therapeutic experience, alleviating anxiety and stress.

    Cultivating From Nature

    We believe flowers and plants are gifts from nature and contain marvelous powers. By sourcing verified and finest natural ingredients, we optimize efficacy and safety of our products through our botanicals to heal and rejuvenate our skin. Harvested annually in local farms and plantations, we only source fresh ingredients to deliver wellness to our skin.

    Sustainable Beauty

    We aspire to not only develop formulations using fresh and clean ingredients from nature, but to actively promote clean beauty, striving beyond the practice as simply products without harmful or toxic ingredients. We promote ethical consumption by using eco-friendly packaging and prohibiting animal testing.

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    2 products
    [boutijour] Snow Lotus Lifting Cream
    [boutijour] Snow Lotus Lifting Cream
    [boutijour] Snow Lotus Lifting Cream 50g
    CHF 51.00
    [boutijour] Lotus Water Calming Mask 35g x
    [boutijour] Lotus Water Calming Mask 35g x
    [boutijour] Lotus Water Calming Mask 35g x 5ea
    CHF 25.00