Is Skincare Products Gender Specific?

Is skincare regime different for men and women

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By Vartika P

Skincare for Men & Women 

Skin is the largest organ which practically covers our entire body and performs a lot of important functions. It, like any other organ of our body, requires care and attention in order to be healthy and function well. 

You may not be aware, but male skin necessitates a different skincare regimen than female skin. Male and female skin have different traits in addition to visual differences. As a result, skincare products designed for ladies may not be the best choice for guys. 

Is there a difference in Male and female skin? 

Dr. Lain, a Texas-based board-certified dermatologist and consultant, says that men's skin has several characteristics that enable it to age in a different way from women's skin. First, because there is more collagen in men's skin, it is 25% thicker. Second, men have more active oil glands, which promotes higher intrinsic moisturization as they age. While women's skin continuously maintains thickness and moisture content up until menopause, when declining oestrogen levels cause major changes, men experience ageing more gradually from a young age. 

Here are some of the major differences between the skin of males and females: 

Facial Hair 

The overall appearance of men and women differs significantly based on facial hair. Due to testosterone, almost every adult guy gets facial hair. Shaving can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on a man's skin. It might irritate or inflame the skin. 

Aftershave can occasionally cause redness, dryness, and even hypersensitivity. The upper skin barrier is removed after shaving, leaving the skin vulnerable. Any product can therefore quickly seep into your skin. 

Vitamin A speeds up skin cell renewal and aids in the formation of a protective layer over the skin. The natural defences of your skin can be preserved over time with regular vitamin A use. 


Adult females consistently exhibit lighter skin pigmentation than adult males in the same demographic, according to researchers. 

Because females need more calcium than males do during pregnancy and lactation, there is a variation in pigmentation. 

In some populations, natural selection may have favoured lighter skin because pregnant women need to consume adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D.


Compared to men, women have skin that is softer and smoother. Men's skin can feel dry and scratchy from shaving their faces on a regular basis. 

Male skin has a distinct texture than female skin because, as was already mentioned, male skin is thicker. Male skin becomes even rougher as a result of testosterone, a hallmark of masculinity. 

A suitable skincare regimen to promote men's skin health is also uncommon. 


According to dermatologists, men's skin is about 25% thicker than women's skin. Despite the fact that the proportion changes from person to person, the overall rate is constant. Because of this, wrinkle development differs between men and women. 

In general, men develop fine lines less than women. However, because of repetitive facial expressions, men are more likely to develop deep creases. 

While the collagen in the skin of women is damaged, particularly after menopause, it decreases steadily in the skin of males. 


Pores are the microscopic openings in your skin. Because pores enable the body to discharge sweat, oil, and poisons through the skin, they are essential. 

Because their sebaceous glands are more active, men have pores that are bigger and more noticeable than women. As a result, men produce roughly twice than much sebum (oil) as women do. 

Men's skin appears to be oilier and shinier than women's skin, if you look closely. Men produce the same amount of sebum their entire lives, but women produce less oil as they become older. 

Can men use women’s skincare? 

I think the answer is clear after reading about all the differences that exist between the skin of males and females. These differences that exist require a different skincare regime. Men CAN use the female skincare products but they might not be as effective given the difference between the ingredients used for the skincare products for men and women. 

Because women are more likely to experience adult acne due to hormonal changes, many women's products often account for that by including exfoliants, calming, and acne-fighting ingredients in the formulations. Women's products also focus more on moisturization than men's in an effort to make up for their lower sebum production.

Despite the fact that certain goods are in fact unisex, you should always be aware of who the product is designed for and what components are in it. 

Skin care is not only important for women. Men must also manage oil production and battle acne. Simple is best when it comes to skincare routines. Your skin can seem young and healthy with a quick and reliable routine. 

Skincare tips for men 

  • For a smooth and safe shave, use excellent shaving supplies. For a calming experience, make sure the product is appropriate for your skin type.
  • Every time you shave, clean your face with antibacterial soap.
  • For the best results, always shave with a fresh, sharp razor. 
  • Your skincare routine should include washing and moisturising.
  • When you go outside, think about using sunscreen. 
  • Drink enough water. 
  • Spend money on skincare items that are tailored to your individual needs and skin type. 

Skincare tips for women 

  • Before going to bed, make sure to remove your makeup. 
  • Use a mild cleanser to wash your face, then toner. 
  • Try a serum that is enhanced with vitamin C to treat half of your skin issues. 
  • To prevent sun damage, never forget to apply sunscreen to your hands, neck, and face. 
  • Using a moisturiser is necessary regardless of the type of skin you have.
  • Consume wholesome foods and get enough water.

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