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    Dr.G Products at Luxiface

    No.1 Dermatology Cosmetics Brand in Korea

    The right solution to skin problems: More than 1 million of clinical experience in 20 years, Genetic analysis of sensitive skin causes, in-house R&D Formulation & recipe studies


    1.We dedicate to a healthy beauty based on our dermatology. 2.We continue to study for the company and self-development. 3.We continue to study and challenge for excellence and perfection. 4.We communicate actively in order to maintain optimal process 5.We always put the interest of the company and community before that of the individuals 6.We focus on the long-term performance of the organization and on long-term health at the same time 7.We do not fear conflict based on trust and share responsibilities and dedication when reaching agreements.

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    44 products
    [Dr.G] Baby Mild up Sun 60ml-Luxiface.com
    [Dr.G] Baby Mild up Sun 60ml-Dr.G-60ml-Luxiface
    [Dr.G] Baby Mild up Sun 60ml
    [Dr.G Brightening Up Sun SPF 50+/ PA+++ 50ml-Luxiface.com
    [Dr.G Brightening Up Sun SPF 50+/ PA+++ 50ml-Dr.G-50ml-Luxiface
    [Dr.G Brightening Up Sun SPF 50+/ PA+++ 50ml
    [Dr.G] pH Cleansing Gel Foam 200ml-Luxiface.com
    [Dr.G] pH Cleansing Gel Foam 200ml-Dr.G-200ml-Luxiface
    [Dr.G] pH Cleansing Gel Foam 200ml
    [Dr.G] Filagrin Barrier Balm 50ml-Balm-Luxiface.com
    [Dr.G] Filagrin Barrier Balm 50ml-Balm-Dr.G-50ml-Luxiface
    [Dr.G] Filagrin Barrier Balm 50ml