Flight Essential Skincare

Skincare essential while travelling by flight


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 By Vartika P

 Flight Essential Skincare

A flight is a complete skin predator, disrupting much more than your sleep cycle and nerves. In fact, the relative humidity in the plane cabin, which can fall as low as 10% to 15% (for comparison, the average room in a home is 30% humidity), makes you vulnerable to losing 1.5 litres of water in just a three-hour flight. Consider a water bottle as an illustration. You've probably observed that the bottle has crumpled up if you drink some of it on a plane and then descend to a lower altitude. Your skin is effectively experiencing the same thing, which is absolutely terrifying. 

The Aerospace Medical Association recommends ingesting eight ounces of water for every hour that you are in the air as the reasonable thing to do internally to replace the water you are losing. However, your skin could really use some exterior care, especially because there isn't enough evidence to prove that drinking water hydrates your body's largest organ. Science tells us this, but we also know it because when we browse Instagram, we frequently see photographs of our favourite Korean beauty professionals using sheet masks while flying. In fact, it happens so frequently that we're shocked there isn't a hashtag for it. 

Believe me when I say that the arid air inside an aeroplane and that of the Sahara Desert are not all that dissimilar. Ok, so maybe a little, but it's still true that those few hours spent in the extremely dry air may really traumatise your skin. However, there's no need to worry because we've put up a list of must-pack items for your upcoming getaway so you can sit back, unwind, and remain hydrated the entire journey. 


Consider this: even if you washed your face in the morning, it's extremely likely that you have some pollutants, sweat, or residue on your skin after going through security checks, moving around, and sitting in a plane with hundreds of other people. Because of this, be sure to carry some soothing and moisturising cleansing wipes so you can keep your face clean while still keeping it dewy and dirt-free.


The extremely dry air in the aeroplane cabin is without a doubt one of the worst things for your skin. Keep a hydrating-soothing mist by your side at all times and mist your face with it every hour or so to revive the glow and keep your skin from becoming excessively dull. Avoid using solutions that contain alcohol because they will cause your skin to become further drier over time. 


Sheet masks, oh my. Without them, life and skin wouldn't be what they are. These skincare gems are a must-have for an aeroplane travel because they are the ideal technique to restore moisture and keep it locked in for a while, even hours. Place the mask on your face after cleansing and misting it, then wait until it almost dries (Pro tip: never let a sheet mask dry completely before removing it or it will suck back the moisture it gave you). Concerned that you could startle your seatmate? No one will even know what you're up to if you use this incredibly moisturising and calming transparent watermelon mask. 


We must take extra care of the skin around our eyes because it is among the thinnest and most delicate on the human body. This skin has to be kept hydrated, healthy, and free of wrinkles. eye cream can prevent you from arriving at your destination looking like a walking zombie. Apply the eye cream on first, then your sheet mask, to boost its effects. By doing so, double-hydrate, and boost the effect. 


A short flight can definitely dry out and chap your lips. While reapplying your ordinary lip balm every few hours or so may help to restore moisture, it's preferable to use a nourishing, ultra-hydrating lip treatment that will last with you the entire journey. This is why night treatments may be more effective in this case. Purchase a lip sleeping mask, and apply it just before takeoff to ensure that your lips are covered and protected the whole journey.


Your skin feels moisturised and supple now that you've completed your entire process, but you need a superhero to keep all that moisture locked in and stop it from draining. Intensive facial oils can help in this situation. Simply apply a few drops to your face and neck, being care to get every area, and wait a few minutes for it to absorb. Your skin will seem and feel as supple and radiant as a newborn's. 


Drink lots of water before and throughout the journey, avoid coffee, or at least limit your intake, to help all these things do their magic. Additionally, if you're arriving during the day, remember to put on sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior to landing.


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